Become A Coach - Heal Thy Self

Become a Heal Thy Self Coach
and transform lives

If health and wellness are your passion and you’d love nothing more than to help transform
the lives of others, now is the time to follow your calling and start a career as a health coach.

This is your opportunity to join a team of like minded people who are determined to change the world and create a
new approach to solve today’s public health crisis.

Our Health Coaches are holding people accountable and redefining what is means to treat dis-ease, reduce
global health care costs and teach people about proper nutrition.

We created the Heal Thy Self Coach Program to inspire, educate and mentor others so together we can spread
the Heal Thy Self movement around the planet, helping individuals to live Healthier, Happier Lives.

About the Heal Thy Self Coaches

We handpick, train and mentor our Heal Thy Self Coaches so we can be sure of spreading our
health message with the utmost integrity.
All our Heal Thy Self Coaches have graduated from Heal Thy Self Academy and either:



Love learning about health
and want to practice their
skills by helping others

Have found their calling and
want to turn their love of
wellness into a career

Have their own health business
and want to add more
value to their offerings

What they all have in common is a dedication
to learning the truth about proper health and being
a shining example in the lives of those around them.

We only offer this opportunity to Heal Thy Self Academy graduates, so this is an amazing chance for
you to monetise the investment you have already made in yourself and your future.

Exclusive access to the Coach Program allows us to maintain the highest standards and create a
team of people who are being paid to heal others through sharing this wisdom. It also ensures a tight
network of incredible students to learn from as we walk this journey together.

Ready to become a Heal Thy Self Coach?

Download an information booklet and find out how
to join the Heal Thy Self Movement.

Are you the next
Heal Thy Self Coach?

  • Are you sick and tired of working in an unfulfilling job just to pay the bills?
  • Are you passionate about health, fitness and wellness?
  • Have you been through a positive health experience that will inspire others?
  • Would you like to make a living by coaching others in health and wellness?

If you know deep down you have a bigger purpose
and a mission to serve others in the area of health,
then this could be the opportunity you’ve been
waiting for.

What you’ll learn

  • How to find clients and build a successful healing business of your own
  • How you can leverage off the time and money we have already spent on creating the structure and systems for our online programs, physical retreats and life changing products-
  • Where to start your business and how, even if you don’t have any health qualifications

While some health coaching courses cover health
education only, this program covers it all - health
education, business mentoring and the technical side of how to use online systems.

How to become a coach

We are helping create a growing shift in consciousness.
Being a Coach is our No. #1 way to collectively influence the way we treat ourselves, each other, and the planet. It’s the beginning of a whole new adventure! By becoming a Heal Thy Self Coach, you will know you’re contributing to global healing and a happier, healthier way of being in the world.

What is included?

Once you become a Heal Thy Self Coach student, we make it easy for you to start your own business. We know how overwhelming it can be because we’ve been there!

We help our Coaches start their new venture, and have created a complete package where you gain access to our business systems that have already been tried and tested.

All you need to do is set up your availability and start promoting yourself. It’s super easy!

Once you graduate as a Coach,
you get access to:

  • A 1-on-1 Coaching Scheduling System and your own Coaching Packages that are promoted by us
  • Template forms, presentations, resources and business cards
  • Access to a private online Support Group with fellow HTS Coaches, students and mentors
  • Regular webinars that ensure your ongoing learning about health and business
  • A discount on products and events, plus an affiliate commission on sales to your network
  • Get plugged into and promoted by us to our huge network of customers who are looking to heal themselves and need extra support

The official Heal Thy Self COACH App is a coaching platform that helps you build relationships and lets youtrack your client’s progress from your smartphone or table. Giving you access anywhere and anytime.

You can see their daily metrics, communicate with them plus save their eye photos and any other documents. This gives you time to focus your attention on your clients wherever you are in the world, and give them the assistance they need on their healing journey to better health.

Plus, get complimentary access to HTS TRiBE membership platform for the duration of the contract period where you can watch exclusive videos from our mentors, obtain information on remedies, protocols, herbs and essential oils from our Heal Thy Self reference guide.

What Happens once I am a Heal Thy Self Coach?

Once you have successfully passed your additional training and arrived at the destination of becoming a Heal Thy Self Coach, in addition to all of the affiliate perks, you will also:

Receive your
Heal Thy Self Coach Certificates
Heal Thy Self Coach, Iridology - Intermediate
Course AND Sclerology - Intermediate Course

Have access to the custom designed
Heal Thy Self App and Coaching Platform (used by Tyler in his own practice)

Be listed and showcased as a certified
Heal Thy Self Coach in our trusted referral network & community

Be directly referred clients who are
seeking consultations

Attend the HTS Events as a
Coach representative

Participate in the educational
content for the HTS TRiBE community
and become one of our coach leaders

20% administration and marketing fee
is charged on 1on1 consultations and
coaching packages

Meet your educational teacher

Tyler Tolman

Tyler Tolman is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur, media personality, event facilitator, truth-teller and one of the world’s leading authorities on natural health and longevity.
He is the co-founder of Heal Thy Self and has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. His live events, workshops, retreats, products and educational platforms Heal Thy Self Tribe and Heal Thy Self Academy have been built on a solid foundation of ancient wisdom combined with modern science.
Over a decade of experience in fasting + healthy living)

Ready to become a Heal Thy Self Coach?

Download an information booklet and find out how
to join the Heal Thy Self Movement.

What our Students are saying

The reason I was called to this course is that I manage to heal myself from chronic nerve pain which I had for 2.5 years, by following Tyler 7 principles. Since then I have had this awakening where I really wanted to help people, to heal themselves. When Tyler brought out Academy and Coach I knew this is exactly what I wanted to do and took the leap of faith. It was the best thing I have ever done! What Tyler teaches is amazing, he goes through all the systems of the body and shows you how to read that in the eye. Studying Iridology and Sclerology. He also shows you how to give a practical consult and teaches you the energetic side of things, the emotions of why, and where you can see it appear in the body. So you are then able to give it a go yourself and give a consultation.

I was Tyler’s first HTS Coach and when I graduated, things really change. Tyler sent me supportive content, his back end office support team, who helps you learn how to run your business, which is something that is just priceless.


I was introduced to Tyler and the Heal Thy Self message in 2015. I vividly recall sitting in the audience at Tyler’s Longevity Tour overwhelmed by emotion. His message resonated with me so profoundly and I felt like for the first time ever, I was hearing all I needed to free myself from poor health. The Heal Thy Self message is powerful and unlike any other that you’ll hear. It has changed my life beyond belief and I know that it will change yours, too.

This coaching program is different to all the other programs because this one offers truly unique content that is delivered by a truly unique master of health. It’s about more than just reading a few books and sitting an exam, it’s about learning and living the 7 principles of health and surrounding yourself with a rich community, a Tribe, to empower you to not just heal yourself and others naturally from dis-ease, but to fully live your best life.

When you complete this program, you will see that you don’t just walk away with a certificate, you get an entire framework to support the growth of your business and through mentorship, community and ongoing support from like-minded, passionate people, you will be propelled into a new level of health coaching that is precisely what the world needs now.


I became a nurse because I wanted to care and heal but as a registered nurse working in general practice, I knew I was failing. I was frustrated with managing chronic disease, I knew the answer was a lifestyle change but I lacked the resources, time restraints and receiving conflicting advice made this a challenge.

I knew the principles that Tyler taught was with the answer to healing but I needed to know more, so I completed Academy and the coaching program and have never looked back. What this gave me was the confidence, education, protocols and ongoing support to step away from nursing in mainstream practice and set up my own private nurse led clinic. I no longer manage chronic disease and now support my patients in reversing their chronic health conditions.


Ready to become a Heal Thy Self Coach?

Download an information booklet and find out how
to join the Heal Thy Self Movement.


The Heal Thy Self Coach Program is waiting for you
We support each other to achieve great things through sharing the truth
We empower each other to take courageous action
We inspire each other to learn and grow
This is the place to step up and lead by example
To create a difference in the world, no matter how big or small
To be rewarded for sharing the message of divine health.

When we really ‘become’ this way of being in the world, the next step shows up. I believe the Coach
Program pathway is the next step for many of you. You guys ARE the change-makers of the future and
I thank you for being a part of this revolution with me