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Someone who use iridology and sclerology as an indicator as to what’s happening in your body rather than expensive tests.

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What our Students are saying

“Working with Mitch for 3 months opened my eyes (pun intended) and gave me a wealth of knowledge about how I can make better and more informed choices on improving my health and wellbeing. Not only did we focus on the physical side of my health but also my emotional needs that very often get overlooked but are actually directly linked with how we feel physically.”
- Cassandra


“Di is wonderful. So knowledgeable & excellent customer focus & service. She is able to normalise your experience & guide you to better decisions & outcomes. Di is easy going & caring. Such a breath of fresh air. Thanks”
- Lorraine

I really appreciated Tracy’s thorough approach, commitment and dedication to peel back the layers to get to the bottom cause of some of my health ailments. If ever I raised an issue that Tracy was unfamiliar with she would research and find out the best solution. I wish there were more people with her warmth, kindness and dedication to their clients.
- Tarene H

I highly recommend Sutchain as a Heal Thy Self Coach to anyone wishing to improve their lifestyler, it is evident when working with her that you are not just another client, that she really cares for you on a personal level and always had your best interest at heart.
- Claire

Without Sutchain’s coaching and endless support, I personally would not have had the understanding and confidence to make the changes necessary. I am thrilled with my progress to date and accept that some issues require a longer time to heal. By continuing to apply all the principles I have learned, I know my life can only improve day by day.
-  Jan

I was very happy with Di's straightforward approach as I have been on a long journey with health and healing and after the HTS Gold Coast workshop, I was ready for this information to be supplied to me basically as a list, as I am aware of many details already.
- Luciana

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