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Coach Carolina (Kharo Faro)

Coach Carolina (Kharo Faro) is a Self Healing Specialist who works with people worldwide providing powerful ancient information to assist them with healing themselves. Kha refers to the physical body in Egyptian and Faro is Spanish for lighthouse or guiding light. Kharo's healing journey starts with a self-awakening process, followed by a body purification process based on Ancient Egypt tools taught by her mentor in Bali Tyler. Kharo practices the ancient Tibetan Rites, which are simple body movements that when practiced daily will deliver powerful information to your body. She has gained access to light languages through this path and teaches the Egyptian purification process that she learnt while living in Australia and Bali, as well as the self-awakening process that she learnt in the US. Kharo also carries ancestral knowledge from South America where she was born. Kharo believes that everyone’s self-healing journey is different. “Her own journey started with a broken heart, followed by a severe skin condition, and a toxic corporate job” Kharo believes that the best way to avoid disease is by acquiring self-awareness and knowledge, then taking personal responsibility to create change and wellbeing. She understands very well that the journey is easy said but harder to do. She has acquired highly valuable knowledge about the human body from her mentor Tyler Tolman and about self-awareness through the Avatar course. She has been trained to provide tools for understanding human consciousness. She also works 1 on 1 with people to help them find the best approach for their unique self-healing journey.


Thanks for help humanity!
Reviewed November 2021

Teresa Organista

Teresa Organista

Kharo I love your smile you shine like a Fharo Really!!! Thanks for the sun Gaze u share with Tulums Family and the Tibetan rits… I really enjoy and help me a lot it’s pure magic swimming under the sea ???? and see the moon ???? the last sun gaze ???? thanks thanks thanks ???????? infinity ♾ love ❤️ and Blessings ????????????