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Sinclair Fischer-Gray

Sinclair has spent the last 15 years learning how to heal himself. After going down many different roads including paleo, keto, vegan, fruit, water fasting, juice fasting and dry fasting, he has been able to discover some important truths to healing. One of the most important is that when we get out of the way the body heals itself. Now Sinclair spends his time sharing these discoveries with others and teaching them how to do the same.


Amazing Coach
Reviewed February 2020

Nadja Baron

Sinclair has recently completed a 40 day water fast and he is the most knowledgable person when it comes to fasting & detoxification. If you have a desire to explore the spiritual, mental & physical experiences of extended water fasts, Sinclair is your man. He will certainly hold you accountable along the way. ;)