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Teresa Ibarra PhD

Teresa’s inspiration about family values, natural remedies and believed to be healthy eating started in her family circle in Mexico. In her mid-twenties she started suffering from eczema and by her earlier thirties she experienced serious migraines. She tried different approaches from acupuncture and medication to specialised medical doctors as dermatologists and neurologists, nothing seemed to work. She was advised by medical doctors to learn to live with those conditions however those answers didn’t satisfy her neither did stop continuing in her own research. When her sister was diagnosed and later on passed away from melanoma she started researching optimal health even more deeply. Alternative medicine became main part of her self educating journey and she realised the power of our own believes, emotions, energy and consciousness. In 2017 Teresa crossed paths with Tyler Tolman principles of health. At this point she had been diagnosed with Grave’s disease, an auto-immune condition affecting the thyroid. She followed Tyler’s teaching and took ownership of her own healing journey managing to clear her eczema and migraines as well as reversed her auto-immune disease, this inspired her to become Heal Thy Self Coach. Teresa has graduated from University in Mexico and has acquired a doctorate in Ergonomics by the Medicine School at the University of Birmingham in UK, she continued with studies towards certification in Reiki level 2 and Advance Energy Healing and Yin Yoga in Australia. She complemented her development attending A. Robbins UPW which also included walking on hot coals, Dr. Espen Hjalmby Quantum Upgrade as well as constantly working on her own self education and personal development. Teresa is passionate about health and longevity, life fulfilment and quality. Her mission is to support and transform as many lives as possible on their self-healing journey approaching the person as a whole i.e. physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.